Bring art into your life

Learn to paint with oils and give yourself the a gift that will fulfil your desire to create. Make a connection with a practising artist who will guide you through the techniques she uses to create beautiful landscape artworks.

Hello! Great to have you here, please, watch this, I would love to talk to you.

Just a few words about me, you and your creativity.

Suzy French Art - Lessons

What can you expect in this art school

I will take you through from the very beginning. We will talk pallets, paint, mediums and general set up.

I will show you my process from reference image to thumbnail sketch, to colour rough, then, I will sit down at the easel and paint.

I hope that you will set up your art space and paint along with me.

This school is about taking you from uncertain beginner to confident, multi skilled artist.

I have so much to show you.

There is a payment plan option for my paid courses.

You will have a direct link and feedback from me within the course platform.

Suzy French Art - Lessons

What else do I need to know

Once you enrol in a course within my school, you will have access to it forever.

Start with the free course, try me out, don't spend your money until you know if this is really going to work for you.

I aim to give you all the techniques required for you to move forward confidently with your painting. If you are a new painter, you may find that your paintings look very similar to mine initially, this is OK, your painting style will develop as you go and you will create works that resonate with you and your personality.

In this school I have started at the beginning with "paint with confidence" a course directed at someone new to oil painting, so I go though all the basic steps.

Rest assured I will be working away in the background and as time goes by I will be adding other courses, there is so much to share.

For the Kids

With our world in uncertain times I felt it necessary to step back up to the easel and do some painting for the kids. I will add to these lessons as often as I can, would love to hear some suggestions from the kids as to what they would like to paint next. Please feel free to contact me on my Broome School of Art facebook page or send me an email.

Look forward to hearing from you,