How to use this course

About this painting lesson

This is a video based lesson that takes your child through the process of creating a painting from set up to completion. Once purchased the course will be available to you forever, to use as many times as you like, or with as many of your kids as you would like.

This lesson was produced using acrylic paints, however if your child uses oil paints this is OK too.

There are many online art supply stores, we have an excellent art store here in Broome - the art house - they have an online order platform and red dot also has affordable art supplies.

I have used acrylic paper in this instance, however, if you have a canvas or canvas board available, that would be great too.

The Facebook page

I understand some parents are reluctant to enter the realm of Facebook, however for those who are active on this platform I would love to see the results of the kids work, please take their photo, with or with out them in it and upload to my Suzy French Art - Lessons Facebook page, this way we can all connect.

Send me a message

I will leave a comment section open at the end of the lesson if you would prefer you can upload a comment and a photo here. Feel free to send me a message if you have any problems or would like some help. Happy painting!

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