Basic basics

Lets start from the beginning, I will show you the way

Basic Basics

In this free course I just go over a few of the basic principals and products used in oil painting.

I have heard these questions asked over and over in different threads and groups, so, to those new to oil painting, I hope these short video clips will give you some of the information that you are looking for.

In the paid painting courses I offer, I work through a results based method of teaching. My process is simple, I believe that, with desire comes ability. If you find yourself struggling to get a result that pleases you, you just might need a little guidance to help you on your way.

Even though we are not side by side at the easel you can upload your work and I will offer feedback and guidance throughout the course.

Your Instructor

Suzy French
Suzy French

Suzy is passionate about the landscape that has been the backdrop to her fortunate life. Her journey with the Australian outback has been the inspiration for the work she creates. She holds a strong belief that the natural environment has much to offer us as we go about our fast-paced life.

Suzy has focused her art practice on oil painting for close to 20 years, culminating in 12 successful exhibitions. Her work is held in collections through-out the country and overseas.

Teaching both adults and children how to paint with oil paints has been extremely satisfying. Over 8 years she has witness the joy, stress relief, and the sense of achievement experienced by her students in the act of mark making to create a visually pleasing piece of art. She has also guided students toward the path of their own art business through the joy of creating.

Suzy now works from her Broome based Studio Gallery in the far North of Western Australia.

Course Curriculum

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